Matthew Dugger
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The truest form of journalism is the unbiased presentation of raw data. Raw data serves as the standard that allows the recipient of the information to make their own rational judgments about what is being presented without having a mediator. No matter how hard they try, journalists will always present data with a sort of bias. Wikileaks does not. Wikileaks presents raw data to the public and allows them to make their own judgments and assumptions for themselves. Julian Assange, leader of the Wikileaks movement, has found a way to obtain and publicize raw data to a public starving to hear the truth about what is really going on in the world.

In this project, a journalists desk has been covered in the many secrets that Wikileaks has revealed throughout its existence. In a guerilla style, each leak has been wheat pasted onto the desk completely consuming it covering every part of the desk. The message is simple: we hear only what the government wants us to hear and we demand (and have the right) to know the truth.