Matthew Dugger
The portfolio of Matthew Dugger


Turn It Around is a poster design for a local non-profit competition that takes abandoned buildings in less-fortunate towns and transforms them into amazing businesses and beautiful buildings.

Where The Heart Finds Home is a poster that was created to help celebrate the Cincinnati Reds baseball team along with a collaboration of other artists for a gallery exhibition called 199C in Covinton.

A Generation of Faux-Romantics takes the idea of young love and exaggerates it to a point where, much like a romantic movie, the story seems believable and it looks charming but does not express the true reality of love.

The Little Monster Inside is a portrait of a friend that shows the inner child and imagination within.

Juvenile Print Series takes short one-line puns and creates characters out of them including: Popsciclism, Lumber-jack-in-the-box, Don't eat yellow snowman and Blue man group poop.