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Seabird: Troubled Days

Seabird is an indie-rock band from Cincinnati and Troubled Days is their latest album that was released independently through a kick-starter campaign. Seabird has grown tired of the record industry over the years becoming bitter and skeptical about the motives of the record labels they had been a part of. 

This was the renegade album. This album was a self-involved middle finger to the record industry and the most genuine of all Seabird albums because of the split with their label.

The inspiration for this album came from old 1920's Australian mugshots. Beautiful, graceful, and raw, they provided the perfect visual platform to describe Seabird's music. With an upright piano, banjo, dirty guitar rifs and dulcimer, the music reflects the era that the mugshots were taken. This project included a cardboard aldum cover, booklet, and vinyl album to further continue the nostalgic approach.