Matthew Dugger
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Great ideas deserve to have beautiful faces.

This philosophy is what I live for. I look at the all of the great ideas, great innovations, great products, great cultures, etc. that exist within the world and many of them fail to live up to the standard of design set by designers passionate about their craft. The world can exist without good design. But good design is all about the experience, not the existence. Good design is not necessary, but it makes life a little sweeter. Experiences are the memories remembered by people who have lived something incredible (or tragic) in their lives. Experiences mean something. Experiences matter. And people desire to live out those great experiences every day. It's the thousand moments a day that can make life enjoyable or undesirable and good design can alter those moments.

We encounter design every day. Our toothbrush, our cereal box, our pants, our phones, etc. all have experiences attached to them. Some are greater than others and that is what the designer can control. I want to make all of the great ideas, great products, great innovations have great experiences attached to them. We live for delight. Delight leads to joy. And joy can lead to happiness.

People have brilliant ideas all of the time. I want to make those ideas beautiful.