Matthew Dugger



My name is Matthew Dugger, multi-disciplinary designer, art director, thinker and dog enthusiast. My skills are broad focusing on brand design, digital design, advertising, art direction, experiential marketing, creative strategy, album cover design, among many other things. Everything I do has purpose and I work hard to be an expert in everything that I do.

I have worked in a variety of industries from consumer packaged goods to healthcare to technology to startups. My understanding of the industry at large and multi-disciplinary approach to design is something I pride myself in.

On a personal level: I am a tiny human doing big things. If I were reincarnated as a song, it would be “Sharp Dressed Man.” I am in the small minority of Midwesterners that does not like camping. I have a rescue dog that acts more like a cat but is the animal version of my soul mate. I probably spend too much money on live music and I love to play my Les Paul guitar and make silkscreen prints in my free time.

Clients include:
Proctor & Gamble, Kroger, Kellogg’s, Canon, KitchenAid Commercial, Honda, BP Fuel, Tate & Lyle, HP, SAP, UC Health, Pizza Hut, Insinkerator, Smucker’s, Pringles, TetraPak, National Forest Foundation and many more.

Please reach out to me if you want to connect.