Matthew Dugger



And I'm not a storyteller. Please take your clich├ęs and place them on your desk at your mediocre job and enjoy sitting back while people massage your shoulders and tell you how important our job is. It's not. Neither is mine. It's nothing different, we work 9-5. We make average salaries. 95% of what we do is completely unseen and whatever does go to market is so heavily dulled, it is visible death by a thousand butter knives.

So what am I? I am a salesman. I am a thinker. I generate ideas that lead to real results. If I am doing anything less than that, then I am simply a pixel-pusher looking for self-gratification. I, on the other hand, am not concerned with pushing pixels. I didn't get into this career just to do manual labor and menial tasks, I got into this career to help people buy into a way of thinking that needs to be seen by the world at large. I want you to buy my ideas, I want you to see that I know what I'm doing beyond decorating boxes and grids in Photoshop.

The call of a designer is larger than we think. It's more rewarding, more satisfying and more valuable when you consider your real position within the industry and the world and stop thinking about how to "solve your precious problems" and start thinking about how to persuade people of your ideas. Only when this paradigm shift happens will you truly start to find meaning within this vocation.

My name is Matthew Dugger, a graduate from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design/Visual Communication. I have worked with various clients including: Canon, Splenda, KitchenAid Commercial, Kellogg's, BP Fuel, Honda Aircraft Company, HP, Tate & Lyle, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Pentair, SAP, Avaya, and TetraPak among many others.

My work has included everything from corporate rebrands to digital responsive websites to dimensional direct-mail marketing to album artwork and event posters. Expression varies and I am able to balance between corporate brand expression to personal creative expression and everything in between.